Buying your First Designer Sofa

Chateau Grey Velvet 3 Seat Sofa by Graham and Green

Chateau Grey Velvet 3 Seat Sofa by Graham and Green

When it comes to buying your first ever designer sofa, it can be quite daunting. There are literally endless choices to be made with regards to te design, style, choice of materials and colour. Combine this with the fact that at the back of youre mind you’re probably worried that might buy something that turns out to be hideous or something that you won’t like as much in the future, and you can see how buying a designer sofa can become a bit of a minefield.

Fortunately, it does get easier once you’ve bought your first one. For those of you who have never bought a designer sofa before, we recommend having a look over at Graham and Green where you can save 10% on your next sofa when you use a promotion code from If you’re not quite ready to jump right in and buy yet, then here is a useful buyer’s guide.

No living room’s not incomplete without a sofa, but picking a fresh you can be nerve-racking; these expert tips will shortly have you sitting pretty.


Sofas are among the centers of the house – where we slouch, couch, even snooze and surf – and picking the one that is correct is all important.

There is little point having a slimline version if, in fact, its high end layout will evaporate under a heap of pillows, children and pets, while deep, squashy high backed couches likely suit interval settings or everyday rural, rather than urban attics that are streamlined.


“It is wise to spend time determining what you want. A hurried choice could mean you will find yourself with that little something missing, which keeps your couch from being the safe, warm and cosy centre of your living room that it can and should be,” says Becky Sunill, inside fashion counselor at Graham and Green.

“In regards to deciding the right couch, think of all its many functions – something it is possible to curl up on by the end of an extended day, or sprawl out on for a lazy weekend. Ask yourself whether you need it to blend in seamlessly, or stand out and be a centrepiece.”

Relaxation, obviously, is also essential. According to research by sofa specialists Sofology, the average Brit spends a few hours a day on their couch (though for some, this amount is much greater!), while one-in-five additionally use the settee as a setting to do work from.


Size does matter

Fitting a sofa into a room can be as catchy as picking a brand new partner – and it is vital to get it right, as you will need to live with your selection (or mismatch) for years.

“If you are attempting to design a little space, do not picked an oversized sofa, no matter how cozy it seems,” suggests Dennis Petini, creative director at Dennis’ Sofas.

“Slender, high legs and lots of space between the ground and couch foundation enables light to stream around the room, and give the illusion of more space. If you’ve got a bigger space, choose a medium or three-seater as opposed to a smaller couch which might be dwarfed by the room’s measurements.”

Sofa smart: Consider a sofa that will be used and decide on upholstery so – Could it be a refuge space for grownups, or will it have to handle dirty paw prints and sticky hands? Leather’s simpler to clean, but material adds feel and depth to your room.


Stretch out in style on a Boxer Corner sofa, from £2,982, or elect for a contemporary take on ’70s style with £1,670, which, Delcor has bold lines piping. contrast and elegant

Likewise, DFS has a French Connection Slate Couch, from £998, in a white mixture which would blend into any decor scheme, but would especially fit a pared-back Skandi or rural design.

Seats that are super: Hunker Couch (accessible March), from £1,245, and scatter pillows from £20 each, Loaf. Hall & Willow has a set that is classic, and my favourite is an Alderton Chaise Couch which, upholstered in the mild Dove linen cotton, from £1,572, would satisfy any setting.


Mix your stuff up

Couches come from curvy to boxy – and even ones that can alter their shape, in numerous shapes.

“For me, modular couches are likely the best of all worlds, as they are great for any size of dwelling and any room within it,” says Arianne Keeler, upholstery buyer at Habitat. “They are a great choice for those beginning little, who need a couch that may transform and grow as their house or family enlarges.

“For a little entertaining, you’ll be able to mix up modules in distinct colour choices to create an edgy, individual appearance, or opt for an unified colour choice but use distinct module fashions to create a genuinely bespoke attribute.”

Couch smart: Consistently purchase a fabric swatch and ‘live’ with it before validating your option for a day or two, so you could see it in different lights and additionally, if it’s a stack, assess its appearance after you have sat on it. If you are trying to find a hard wearing material to resist the punishment of a family, polyester Accor material is especially long-lasting.

£400 each, several Jakob Modular Single Units, in charcoal or crimson, could assemble into a couch layout you want. Or choose a leather appearance; a Newman Tan Leather Corner Unit, £1,600. Instead, buy Kasha Right-arm Corner Couch, accessible Habitat., £1,700 , in various upholstery colours Check out and their Lulu couch, which comes in a variety of different materials and colours including this in honeycomb, £649.


Seats that are super: Couch Workshop has seemingly taken inspiration from Downton Abbey with some of the couch names – and these could definitely sit easily in a grand state stack. A Grande Dame Sofa, from £1,989, can be upholstered in an on-tendency blue Moon Earth Airforce, or if you need to make a statement, chubby for the Lady May three-seater, from £1,699, upholstered in the abundant golden Dusky Mustard.


Pick a thing that will not date too fast

Catwalk styles impact on chairs and decor also, and it is crucial that you avoid selecting a couch which will date quickly.

“Botanicals – flowery patterns – continue to predominate and are in tune with our desire to ‘bring the outside in’. We are also seeing insides take a darker turn, with inky blue place to be one of the year’s most famous colours, with blushing pink for people who desire a more feminine appearance,” says Philip Watkin, manager at DFS.

“Classic layouts are set to make a recovery and the most coveted pieces are including button detail, which we have interpreted in Chesterfield-inspired shapes with a modern spin.

“Velvet, a classic fabric, is still riding full of the design stakes, and to modernize your appearance, be daring with brilliant colour-blocking colors, or add linear panels in plush velvet or high definition devore.”

Couch smart: Make sure your couch will fit into your house – elevator and doorway, stairwell that it’s to pass. Masking tape on a floor marking out the quantity of space it needs, or a template made from paper, provides you with recommended of the way in which a specific room will be fit by a couch.


A two seater Pompeii Couch, £1,299, and fitting Armchair, £998, is a deep seated generous take on a Chesterfield. Elaborate florals – a Chiltern Floral Grand Sofa, £1,549, accessible in five floral , that are colours could satisfy a cosy country cottage design inside. For a high-end that is wealthy feel, attempt a Bailey Velvet Maxi Couch, £1,, in Dusty Pink or trendy Royal Blue 599 from DFS. all,

Seats that are supers: Loaf’s new range comprises a wonderful Butterbump Couch, upholstered in velvet, from £1,495 (accessible March). Furniture Selection has a Rio Fabric Corner Sofa in slate, a deal at £449.99.

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